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Where Meals and Stories are shared

Here we introduce some of the people who make Meals on Wheels an organisation with a big heart. Always ready with a smile and a conversation our volunteers understand better than anyone the difference even a quick chat about the weather can make to someone's day.

Anne and Rhonda - Two Doors Down Stories
Anne and Rhonda
Lives: Northern Rivers
Anne and Rhonda are kindred spirits
Anne and Rhonda have known each other through the Meals on Wheels Service for 11 years. Anne and Rhonda are great friends and are wonderful for each other as they share much in common, have entertaining personalities and simply share a lovely companionship with each other. Sharing cups of tea and fashion tips is a passion that they share.

They both have colourful backgrounds and unknowingly have had similar interest through their lives. To view their Two Doors Down story click here.
Betty and Sandy share a great sense of humour
Betty and Sandy knew each other through the Meals on Wheels Service. Betty and Sandy shared a great sense of humour and they constantly bouncing stories off each other with banter, laughter, humour and similar experiences with a ‘slap stick’ comedy.

Here is their Two Doors Down story click here.

We were saddened by the sudden loss of Sandy in early 2017.  We at NSW Meals on Wheels will be forever grateful to Sandy, she provided a lot of laughs when showing her video along with Betty at Conference and on social media platforms.  We will always thankful for her spirit and contribution in raising the profile of Meals on Wheels.  In a way Sandy started to change perceptions of Meals on Wheels and showing the importance and the strength of the social side and changing clients lives by her visits.  She made people laugh and that's important! 
Sandy and Betty
Betty and Sandy
Lives: Northern Rivers
Enid and Robyn
Enid and Robyn
Lives: Tweed Heads
Enid and Robyn are great friends - almost like family
Enid and Robyn have known each other through the Meals on Wheels Service for just over 2 years. Robyn enjoys Enid’s company and looks forward to catching up with her. Enid says that Robyn is just like a daughter to her.

They are both a good match for each other, they get along so well and it shows that they have a special relationship that has only come about through meeting each other through our shopping outings. To view their Two Doors Down story click here.
Tony and Jim enjoy talking about the community over coffee
Jim and Tony have known each other through the Meals on Wheels Service for 10 years. Jim and Tony get on famously and are good friends. Tony will always delivery to Jim last on the run because they stop and have a cuppa and a chin wag.

They are good for each other helping to keep connected and involved in community and friendship. Jim and Tony are warm and caring but funny and quick witted at the same time. To view their Two Doors Down story,  click here.
Jim and Tony
Tony and Jim
Lives: Southern Highlands
Jules Allen
Lives: Lennox Head
Masterchef Australia 2013 contestant who has spent her life helping others
Single mum Jules is a free spirit, full of life and a real earth mother. Jules has four kids: two sons, Jay and Ishy, and daughters Elisha and India. Her family is a blend of her own, adopted and foster children. Over the past 12 years Jules has had 29 foster children. It is her firm belief that cooking and food have been the fundamental healing tool for children in her care.

Jules' life took a fairly unpredictable turn in 2013 when she became a contestant on Masterchef Australia. The experience was both rewarding and enormously challenging. As Jules states, "If anything, the process cemented my belief in the importance of service and the continuation of charity work". Jules has since used her profile on the show to raise awareness around matters of importance.
Meet Eli, our youngest ambassador
Meet Eli - officialy our youngest ambassador, Eli is our future and represents Generation Z. He embarked on educating his primary school peers about who Meals on Wheels are and what we stand for as  part of a school holiday project. He said he likes the idea of going to a clients' home and talking to them as they have really interesting stories from another generation. Helping older people stay in their own homes and keeping them out of nursing homes for as long as possible makes Eli happy and he feels like part of his local community.

Eli is a supporter of Meals on Wheels Campbelltown, and is the face of Generation Z who depicts future volunteers for our organisation. To view his school project video, click here.
Eli Uluibau
Lives: Campbelltown
Tony Lyons
Lives: Ku-ring-gai
Chef who produces tasty nutritious meals
Ever wondered who creates the meals that nourish clients of Meals on Wheels? Chefs like Tony Lyons. Tony is one of our star chefs who work for Ku-ring-gai Meals on Wheels. His professional training and years of experience in the food industry ensures meals from his kitchen are delicious and nutritious.

Over the last eight years he has been instrumental in raising the bar in relation to the quality, nutritional value, choice and variety of meals available to clients of Meals on Wheels. His innovative approach injects new ideas to help promote the  Ku-ring-gai service.
Benefits of volunteering on retirement
“We’re always there for you”

Retirement can mean slowing down for some people or in cases like Therese, seeking new ways to share skills and energy. Therese is a tireless worker, committed and reliable. She began volunteering with Meals on Wheels nine years ago and hasn’t stopped since.

Her reassuring message to clients is, “We’re always there for you”. Therese says, ”It’s a pleasure to volunteer and to deliver meals to people who are unable to get out of the house. It’s an opportunity to provide companionship as well as a meal. What is really important to me is that when we visit people and provide feedback to staff, changes can be made to help people have a happier, comfortable and more relaxed life.”
Therese Caspersz
Lives: Croydon Park
Martin West
Lives: Newtown
Business owner
Making a difference to someone’s life

While running his own printing business, Martin still finds time to volunteer for Meals on Wheels three times a week. He has been volunteering for two years and his happy demeanour and kindness are rewarded with smiles from his clients.

Martin says he volunteers for the pleasure of it and the beautiful people he meets along the way. “It’s the essence of it,” he says. He tells how he met a lady recently who is 94 and still playing the piano. “Sometimes at Christmas you are given a handwritten card saying thank you and this touches me. You make a difference to someone’s life and they make a difference to mine.”