Meals on Wheels New South Wales


Getting to know you

Meals on Wheels enables frail older people and younger people with disabilities and their carers to remain in their own homes and enjoy a level of independence and style of living to suit their individual needs - we enjoy supporting our clients to achieve health and wellbeing!

We have been responsive to the needs of the community for the past 60 years and will continue to in decades to come.  If someone calls for a meal today we are immediately responsive to that persons individual needs.

My Aged Care
You may have been referred from the My Aged Care website, in order to access meals please contact your local service by clicking the link below. 

Click here to find your local Service for more details.  The local Service will be able to get meals to you asap and walk you through the process of signing up on the website.  The Services are supported by funding from the Australian Government, Department of Health.  We are here to help with My Aged Care. Take a look at what the Tweed Meals on Wheels Service is doing to help clients in their local area. 

For help or more information simply contact 1300 679 669