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National Meal Guidelines

Ground-breaking guidelines supporting innovative and flexible delivered meal programs have been released by the Australian Meals on Wheels NSW.

The National Meal Guidelines were developed by the Australian Meals on Wheels NSW in partnership with the Smart Foods Centre, University of Wollongong.  The guidelines represent the first nationally consistent approach to nutrition, menu planning and meal presentation for organisations providing delivered meals through the Commonwealth Home Support Programme. 

They are an excellent resource for other services providing meals for older people – in community centres, the consumer’s own kitchen, or in residential care settings.

To download the National Meal Guidelines click here - online booklet - 111 pages

Living Healthily beyond 65 years of age
At Meals on Wheels we recognise the important role that food plays in everyone's lives, and we believe that food is to be enjoyed.  We want your meal experience to be wholesome, tasty and nurturing for your body, and that's what our Services aim to deliver.

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