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Volunteer Honour Roll

Please click on the link below to read the Volunteer Honour Roll.
Volunteer Honour Roll 2018

Volunteer Honour Roll 2017
Volunteer Honour Roll 2016
Volunteer Honour Roll 2015
Volunteer Honour Roll 2014
Volunteer Honour Roll 2013

Volunteering for our Meals on Wheels services across NSW benefits both society and the volunteers themselves.  It provides a wonderful opportunity for people to build their social networks, self-esteem and community spirit.

Volunteering for our Meals on Wheels services across NSW also makes possible the desire for people to live independently in their own homes and continue to be part of community life.  Meals on Wheels volunteers continually affirm that they gain a great deal of satisfaction from volunteering.

It is an enabling activity and makes Meals on Wheels "More than just a meal".

The Volunteer Honour Roll highlights the names of volunteers in NSW Meals on Wheels services that have achieved 20 to 30 years of volunteering service, 31 to 40 years of volunteering service 41 to 50 years of volunteering service and the extraordinary volunteers who have achieved over 50 years of volunteering service.

Meals on Wheels NSW offers our sincere congratulations and gratitude for their time, effort and love in the delivery of meals to our valued clients across NSW.