Community Underwriting

Meals on Wheels NSW has been involved in helping Not for Profits obtain effective insurance for more than 30 years.
Community Underwriting Agency’s origins began with us helping a few Meals Services that had difficulty obtaining insurances in the late 1990’s. This grew over time to be a broader insurance facility for Not for Profits which provided a valuable resource for the sector. It was initially managed in‐house, then later outsourced to various international and national brokers, known as the CRISP facility.
We formed Community Underwriting Agency at the beginning of 2014 to take our previous CRISP insurance facility one step further - Australia’s only insurance provider for Not for Profits owned by its own clients. We have succeeded in creating a unique business model that will continue to return funds back into the sector;
  • Any Not for Profit organisation with an annual basic premium spend of $50,000 is eligible to become a shareholder;
  • 70% of the annual surplus of the agency is returned to our shareholders as a donation each year – these funds assist us to provide the vital services that we each perform in our respective parts of the sector;
  • An additional 5% of our annual surplus is set aside to a donations pool for our smaller clients.
Who do you call?
The experienced and dedicated staff who work for Community Underwriting are able to discuss with you or your broker various insurance products designed exclusively for the Not for Profit Sector.
You can contact the team on 02 8045 2580 or by email at
Insuring Not for Profits – it’s all we do