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When did Meals on Wheels start?
Meals on Wheels began in Britain during the Second World War and was established in Australia in 1952. It's a household name to this generation of Australians and is set to become an even more important service in the future as the population ages and people live longer and wish to maintain their independence.
Where does Meals on Wheels operate in NSW?
If you live in the City, Suburbs, Regional town or Coastal village, chances are there will be a Meals on Wheels Service operating in your district.
Who is eligible for Meals on Wheels?
Meals on Wheels is not means tested and is a service geared to the needs of frail older people, younger people with disabilities and their carers.

To find out if you or a relative is eligible, just call your local Meals on Wheels service by clicking here and someone can come to meet you and discuss your needs. Potential clients of Meals on Wheels can refer themselves, be referred by a family member, friend, doctor or hospital.
What is the food like?
The food provided by Meals on Wheels is nutritionally balanced, tasty and caters to specific dietary needs, cultural preferences, personal tastes, and most adhere to the National Meal Guidelines. As everybody leads different lives, there is flexibility in delivery options. Some prefer a hot meal delivered in the middle of the day, others like frozen or chilled food that can be heated at a time to suit. Menus are designed to be healthy and varied and our team of chefs and catering companies go out of their way to keep our clients happy.
What does 'more than just a meal' mean?
Although delivery of prepared meals is the basis of the service, Meals on Wheels is so much more. It is more than just a meal. It is also about ensuring people who may not be able to get out and about, enjoy regular social interaction and the comfort of knowing someone will drop by regularly to say hello and see how they are going. Meals on Wheels also provides the opportunity for people to be taken to local centres to share a meal with others or go on outings, with the assistance of volunteers.
How much do meals cost?
Each local Meals on Wheels service has a menu and pricelist, please contact your local service to find out more. 
Tell me more about volunteering
As volunteers are the lifeblood of our organisation and we depend so heavily on their support. There are many benefits to volunteering.
How do I become a volunteer?
Volunteer online through the 'Register to Volunteer' page or contact your local Meals on Wheels service. 
Is there a selection process for volunteers?
Your local Meals on Wheels organisation will usually interview you when you offer your help to explain what they expect from you and what you can expect from them. Organisations require references and police checks. These are designed to protect the clients whose homes you will be visiting.
What does volunteering involve?
The tasks vary depending on the recruiting organisation and any particular skills you may offer. The typical work of Meals on Wheels field volunteers is the delivery of meals to clients using a volunteer's own car, or acting as a partner to someone else. Most deliveries are done in pairs. Other ways volunteers can help include being on the local management committee, lending a hand with general office duties or assisting with new services such as the breakfast and snack program.
How much time will volunteering take?
Depending on the type of volunteering you are doing, anything from an hour a month to one or more full days a week. The choice is yours. Most organisations are happy to take whatever time you can give and this should be discussed at the initial interview.
What training will I receive?
New volunteers receive an induction at their local Meals on Wheels service and experienced volunteers who have been involved for a while are often happy to share some of their experience and advice.
What can I expect from volunteering?
You will experience the satisfaction of knowing you are providing a vital service to the community. You will make new friends, learn new skills, and probably grow in self-esteem and confidence. There may be some challenging moments, but remember your involvement is brightening others' lives and making a real difference. Many organisations and communities hold social and civic events to recognise the valuable contribution of volunteers
Where does my donation go?

It is a common complaint or reason not to donate - ‘I don’t know where my money goes’. We at Meals on Wheels ensure all monies raised help us make a real difference to local communities in your State.

All funds raised from the Donations and Raffles help us to provide meals as part of the Financially Disadvantaged Fund and support Meals of Wheels Services across the State through training, raising the profile and awareness of the brand and advocating on behalf of all Meals on Wheels Services to Government. 

Please find below a list of our current projects and how we use the vitally important donations received:

  • Assisting financially disadvantaged clients
  • Support and assisting the 155 services

    • Food Safety
    • Education and Training
    • Network Support Officers to assist the 155 Services and Management Support online
    • Improving Health through better Nutrition and social interaction

  • Attracting Volunteers in order to sustain the service for future years
  • Funding innovative service models – for the future.
  • Promoting the National Meal Guidelines (launched 2017) to ensure that older Australians are getting the nutrition that they need
  • Raising the profile and awareness of the Meals on Wheels brand and our unique selling point of social engagement through Community Service Announcements
  • Advocating on behalf of all Meals on Wheels Services in NSW to Government. 
Who is a Friend of Meals on Wheels?
Friends of Meals on Wheels are our supporters. Staff, volunteers, one off and regular donors, brand/life ambassadors, sponsors and partners that help facilitate our work and other supporters are all Friends of Meals on Wheels.

Their ongoing support and tireless efforts in the community make it possible to deliver the far reaching service provided by Meals on Wheels. Each of our Friends has their own reason to be involved and each gains something different from the experience.
How do I join Friends of Meals on Wheels?
Join Friends of MOW today to keep updated on the news and events in our community. 

Please note that we do not sell or share your details with any external parties, the information is contained here in our protected systems.
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How can I locate my local service?
Click on 'Find a Meal' on the top of the page. This will direct you to a map where you can find your local service. Alternatively- Click here or call us on 02 8219 4200