2018 Winner - Bucketts Way Neighbourhood Group

An Innovation award went to Bucketts Way Neighbourhood Group for their ‘Britten Street Project’.

After identifying a preference for a daily hot meal delivery amongst their current clientele, and a need for a local ‘training hub’ to train and provide employment for people in Gloucester, Bucketts Way Neighbourhood Group (BWNG) met with the original founders of Gloucester Meals on Wheels and with volunteers to gather ideas and formulate a plan.

This plan came to fruition in April this year, after nearly 2 years of navigating the extensive legislation and regulated safety and nutritional requirements, with the opening of the ‘Blueprint Kitchen.’

Thanks to grant funding from Mid Coast Council’s Stronger Community Grants, Enterprise and Training Company (ETC), as well as local and community grants, BWNG was able to refurbish an old commercial kitchen on Britten Street in the industrial area of Gloucester, transforming the space into a hands-on training facility, Meals on Wheels kitchen and social space for the community.
So far, the kitchen has created seven new full time equivalent jobs in Gloucester; one full-time supervisor, three part-time staff, one part-time trainee, four school-based trainees and additional hours at the BWNG for administration and finances.
The kitchen is supporting the community by keeping as much money in town as possible by hiring all local people and purchasing local produce.