2018 Winner - Open Arms Care

Open Arms Care also won an Innovative Award for their ‘Organisation Performance Wheel.’
A survey based on a performance wheel model with each segment of the wheel representing each requirement of the new Aged Care Quality Standards.It has proven to be an effective tool for opening up the lines of communication between staff and volunteer board or committee members.
After staff received training on the standards, using the guidance material from the Quality Agency, the Organisation Performance Wheel was used to survey staff on how they rated the organisations compliance with the Standards.The board then evaluates the responses and can use the survey to enable them to better target questions to gain additional information from the CEO, manager or coordinator.
The survey provides a good visual representation to staff, demonstrating how they individually contribute to a well-run organisation by using the analogy of a wheel, how a round wheel provides a smoother ride than a wheel with bumps or flat bits.It is unique and innovative, delivering great results and an opportunity to build capacity within all levels of the organisation to support compliance with the Standards, good governance and regulatory compliance.
Clayton Sippel, CEO of Open Arms Care was a guest speaker talking about the new Quality Standards at the recent Meals on Wheels NSW conference.