2019 Winner - Sutherland Food Services

Sutherland Food Services, who are the Meals on Wheels provider in the Sutherland Shire of NSW, were awarded a Meals on Wheels NSW Wellness and Reablement Award for their 'Your Kitchen' Program.

Launched earlier this year in response to the Wellness strategy, this program provides nutritional information sessions for groups that include cooking for one suggestions and demonstrations, as well as dietary advice.  Personalised one to one sessions in the consumers home are also available, as well as a comprehensive range of household aides to assist with a variety of tasks in the kitchen, including the ‘Nimble’.  A tiny device that assists people with low vision or lacking strength to cut or open things, including opening the hot delivered meal containers.

Sutherland Food Service has worked collaboratively with other like-minded providers in their shire to deliver a consistent message to customers and staff that may be grappling with the wellness concept.  Partners are “Wellness Champions” and promote each other’s services at presentations, with the overriding message of “Helping you live the life you love.”