2020 Winner - Warrumbungle Community Care

Warrumbungle Community Care won the 2020 Meals on Wheels NSW Innovation Award for their ‘Creative use of Covid-19 emergency funding’, by involving their whole community in ensuring a tasty meal for vulnerable people during lockdown.   

Warrumbungle Community Care services the whole LGA of Warrumbungle Shire, which covers some 12,380 sq km and provides home support services to 6 towns and several villages within the shire.  With so many small food vendors losing business and looking at closing, the staff looked at using the Covid-19 emergency funding for discounted meal vouchers in each town and village. 18 different food vendors came on board, and staff were kept extremely busy ensuring all complied with the many strict guidelines and associated risks. 

A wonderful outcome for all stakeholders, including 43 new clients added to the existing 718 clients, and over 3000 units delivered.  A fantastic collaboration, that was appreciated not only by the clients, but also by the many local food vendors, who stated that without the voucher system, they would have been forced to close their doors or stand down staff.  In fact, their initiative has been so successful, they plan on continuing with the voucher system in the future if possible.