A trip down memory lane
Everyone has a story to tell... we think ours is a very special one. Meals on Wheels has grown to be a driving force in the community. From our humble beginnings over 60 years ago, where we were started by the community, for the community, we now have 150 Meals on Wheels services located across NSW. Take a trip down memory lane with us.

Thank you to Sharon Hickey and City of Sydney for this image.
Our Historical Timeline
Meals on Wheels is founded in England by the Women’s Volunteer Service for Civil Defence. Their aim was to assist frail, older people who wanted to stay in their own homes but needed help to do so.
Australia’s Meals on Wheels journey begins when Mrs. E. Watts pedals her tricycle around South Melbourne, delivering meals to the needy. Due to a high demand for meals in the Melbourne area, the Red Cross takes over, with vehicles and volunteers to assist with delivery.

Doris Taylor MBE launches the service in South Australia.


Sydney City Council starts Meals on Wheels NSW. In the first week, volunteers prepared 150 meals in the Town Hall for inner-city dwellers. The cost of a meal was two shillings, amounting to approximately 20 cents today.

The Meals on Wheels NSW Peak Body is established.
New branding developed and launched to unify the Meals on Wheels identity across Australia and re-iterate Meals on Wheels is ‘more than just a meal’.

Meals on Wheels NSW has over 150 members across the State, with 14,000 volunteers delivering 4.5 million meals each year.