Toolkit Elements

  • Home Visiting Emergency Readiness Discussion tool and App – this provides a step-by-step process for home support providers to use when discussing emergency preparedness with their clients, including providing referral pathways to emergency services.
  • Leave-behind client resources – these resources are based on Resilience NSW's Get Ready messaging. They include fact sheets, checklists, a fridge magnet, flyers and a client resource folder.  They also include flyers to emergency preparedness programs provided by our emergency service partners.
  • Training resources – this includes our easy-to-use online training tool for staff and volunteers and a face-to-face session guide for trainers.
  • Project Evaluation resources – these reports help us to share what we have learnt through this project.

This toolkit is freely available to any person or organisation that wishes to use it for the purposes for which it has been designed.  Any inappropriate use of this toolkit is discouraged and will be the responsibility of the person or organisation using it. If you have any queries regarding the use of the toolkit please contact Jenni Harding at Meals on Wheels NSW.