Meals on Wheels Customer Eligibility

Hygiene Packs will be distributed by Meals on Wheels Volunteers to existing customers* at the conclusion of the promotional period.

An existing Meals on Wheels customer is defined as someone who commenced their Meals on Wheels meal delivery service prior to 24th March 2021

If you are an existing customer, there is no need to contact your local Meals on Wheels Service to request a Hygiene Pack. Your local Meals on Wheels service will automatically deliver a Hygiene Pack once they are available. Hygiene Packs will not be available for collection at your local Woolworths store.

Please note, it is the intention of RB and Woolworths to provide Hygiene Packs to as many Meals on Wheels customers as possible, however in some instances it may not be logistically possible to provide a Hygiene Pack to some customers. If this relates to your local Meals on Wheels Service, we will reach out and let them know as soon as the information becomes available.