Life before single use plastics - stories from the Meals on Wheels community

Meals on Wheels NSW have been out and about talking to our Clients and Volunteers about the plastic bans that have come into effect in NSW. We asked them to talk about their thoughts on the ban and to share with us stories of their memories of a time without single use plastics.

We are very fortunate to have very passionate staff, volunteers and clients. Thank you to all that participated in this project. You are the reason Meals on Wheels continues to shine as a meal provider of choice.

Meet Helen, Meals on Wheels client

At 75 years young, Helen has been a client of Meals on Wheels for the last 5 years and loves the variety and not having to cook anymore. Hear Helen's fond memories of taking the garbage out wrapped up in newspaper. Where plastic bags are concerned, Helen says "we lived without them!"

Meet Mary, Meals on Wheels client

Having turned 100 on Halloween 2022, Mary has been a client of Meals on Wheels for at least the last 4 years. Mary recalls her groceries being delivered wrapped up in brown paper and tied up with string. Hear Mary's story as she shares memories of life before single use plastics.

Meet Frank and Fred, Meals on Wheels clients

Frank has been a client of Meals on Wheels for 2 years and Fred for 8 years. Fred says
"Doing away with plastic bags is the best thing that could happen, they should never have come in in the first place". Fred is also passionate about the use of string and fabric bags instead of plastic bags. Frank says "Plastic bags are pollution and a mess maker".  Hear Frank and Fred's story as they share memories what life was like before single use plastic.

Meet Carolyn, a Meals on Wheels Volunteer

Carolyn has recently started volunteering with Meals on Wheels. We talk to Carolyn about the single use plastic ban. Carolyn states "We had to do this, there is too much rubbish going into waterways".  Carolyn recalls the days where they went on picnics when no disposable items were used. Instead, they took cutlery, plates and containers home and washed them.

Meet Claire and Marjorie, Meals on Wheels clients

Claire and Marjorie reminice about the days before plastic bags when they only had paper bags to use. Marjorie recalls pressing them and putting them away as if they were gold.  Claire remembers when her mother would pack up the paper bags into the cupboard ready for re-use. Listen to Claire and Marjorie as they share their memories of life before plastic bags. 

Meet Volunteer Diane and Rey a Meals on Wheels Volunteer Coordinator

Diane has been a volunteer with Meals on Wheels for 3 years. Rey has been a Volunteer Coordinator with Meals on Wheels for about the same time. Diane remembers a time before single use plastics however, Rey has never know life without it. Hear their different perspectives on growing up with and without single use plastics.

Meet Noela, Meals on Wheels client

Hear Noela speak about the past and how re-using items was part of every day life. "I see a couple of deliveries a week come in and everything is plastic bags inside plastic bags, inside plastic bags. "The amount of stuff that gets put into landfill, you could just sit and weep" Noela talks about how as a child she would take home the wrap from her sandwich at school for use the next day. Hear what Noela has to say about her memories and environmental perspective of life before single use plastics.