Friendly Volunteers

Meals on Wheels provide valuable social contact...

Would you rather have an esky left by your front door, or be greeted by a friendly Meals on Wheels Volunteer? When considering a meal delivery service for yourself, your parents or your grandparents, ask yourself if you would rather have an esky left by the front door, or if you would like the peace of mind in knowing a friendly Meals on Wheels Volunteer is checking in to see how the meal recipient is as they deliver meals.

Our Volunteers have been heroes on many occasions, raising the alarm when there has been no response at the front door. A friendly smile, a chat, a meal, and peace of mind knowing someone will drop by and say hello changes the lives of many Australian's, and it's not just the clients who value this contact. Ask any Meals on Wheels Volunteer in New South Wales and they will tell you reaching out and making a difference in somebody else's day, makes there day. To express interest in Volunteering, click here.

For more information about arranging meals for yourself or a loved one, call us on 1300 679 669 or complete the form below, and your enquiry will be directed to a Meals on Wheels representative in your local area.

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