Celebrating 70 years of more than just a meal.
Meals on Wheels services have been delivering nutritious meals, social connection and wellbeing checks within Australian communities for 70 years. To honour this legacy, we didn’t just make just any cake. We made a cake that is designed to nourish the bodies and minds of our clients across NSW.

Informed by experts in the space of neuroscience, food science and geriatric nutrition, the Unforgettable Cake carefully combines a variety of foods that are widely believed to be brain-boosting. From beetroot and spinach and turmeric, the cake delivers a balanced combination of flavour, texture and nutrition.

Available for purchase in-store and online at Hearthe café in Stanmore. $1 from every slice gets donated back to Meals on Wheels NSW.

We've also modified the recipe to make it accessible to everyone. Simply make a donation to Meals on Wheels NSW via our website and you'll receive the Unforgettable Cake Recipe.

Raise a fork. Pour a cuppa. Help us celebrate 70 years of more than just a meal.

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