Become a volunteer
We acknowledge the large contribution that Volunteers make to Meals on Wheels in our community. We understand that you are making a voluntary commitment to the service and your role is valued and important to clients and to us.

To become a volunteer of Tamworth Meals on Wheels you will be required to undertake a screening process prior to joining our team

  • Complete an application form  VOLUNTEER-APPLICATION 22
  • TMOW will process a National Police Check (renewed every 3 years)
  • Undertake an orientation with the Coordinator:
    1. Emergency procedures
    2. Meet with other volunteers
    3. Overview of policy/procedure manual;
    4. Sign a Privacy & Confidentiality agreement
    5. Review the Policy and Procedure Manual 
    6. Receive a copy of the Volunteer Handbook, Downloadable here -  
                  and a copy of Consumer Hand Book - 

Tamworth Meals on Wheels will keep a file for each volunteer including a copy of their reference checks, any certificates/training, signed forms, National Police Check, copy of license and any other communication required. This information will be stored in a secure, lockable filing cabinet and on a secure electronic data base.

The Coordinator will communicate regularly with you to ensure that you understand your role and that you are supported to complete your role. If you have a concern at any time, or you are unhappy with any aspect of your work, please speak with the Coordinator. Volunteers who breach the Code of Conduct or who are unable to complete their duties may be asked to leave the service (at the discretion of the Coordinator - with approval from the Management Committee).


Our delivery drivers may be reimbursed for the cost of fuel, each meal run has a set amount.
If you do not wish to take the money, it will be donated back to the service.
Please speak with the Coordinator regarding this.

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